Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is an important underpinning ethos to guide members, staff, and volunteers of AWWQ.

  1. Align behaviour to AWWQ’s values of honour, friendship, support and advocacy;
  2. Act with respect, kindness and courtesy with fellow members, Head Office staff and Board Directors;
  3. Use opportunities to promote the interest, values and objectives of AWWQ;
  4. Act honestly and comply with the letter and spirit of all relevant laws and this Code of Conduct;
  5. Act in the best interest of AWWQ, including its members, staff and volunteers;
  6. Adopt the highest standards of behaviour that protects the reputation of AWWQ;
  7. Make decisions fairly and objectively;
  8. Consistently comply with all policies and procedures established by AWWQ;
  9. Respect the confidentiality of information entrusted in the course of AWWQ duties;
  10. Use the assets of AWWQ, and its Groups, economically, efficiently and with due care.